Treasury Services' answer to the RBS move

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) acquired ABN-Amro in 2009 and with this it received a very well reputable cash management solution used by many of the large European corporations. Now in Q1 of 2015, RBS has announced to withdraw their cash management services from Europe. Many European corporations have already confirmed they are now exploring how to replace RBS as cash management bank.

Companies entering into the replacement process of RBS as cash management bank become very much aware of the dependency to banks in relation to cash management products. An increasing number of companies are stating today: we are looking for a more Bank Independent Cash Pooling Solution. We are not willing to experience another withdrawing by another bank.

Will Fintech fill the void? We need to ask ourselves what we can rely the banks to do in the future?

Bank independent Cash Pooling

Treasury Services has developed a solution to set up cash pooling structures completely independent from banks through software. This creates significant additional savings and advantages compared to a cash pooling solution with banks.

The advantages are:

Advantages Pooling

The solution we have developed is a complete solution. It does not only consist of a software solution, but also proposed changes for policies and processes, and we investigated the legal and fiscal constraints.