Cash Management

The Cash Management Software of TreasuryMetrics enables you to optimise the liquidity management function, to minimise your debt needs, to optimise working capital management, to reduce your interest costs, bank costs and organisation costs. The software supplies support for:

  • Liquidity management and cash flow management
  • Fully automated cash flow forecasting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Bank Independent Cash Pooling through Software
  • Different cash flow reconciliation possibilities
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Cash Management is a flexible module for your liquidity management, cash flow forecasting, different cash pooling solutions inclusive bank independent cash pooling through the software, and for performing reconciliations between expected cash flows and realised cash flows. This module supplies a perfect support for optimising your working capital management, minimising interest costs, bank costs and organisation costs. The module will make it possible to minimise your external debt needs to an absolute minimum.